090900(1356): Hmm... haven't updated in a while. Oh well, new case should be arriving on the 17th for review.

050900(1243): Go and get WhiteCap right now. No, don't ask any questions, just shut up and download it.

250800(2139): On a scale of one to ten... I am like sooooo drunk. Prolly not so good as I have a maths exam tomorrow, but what the hell. Some female-style companionship would be in order right about now, cos I'm really lonely. Did I say that?

240800(2139): Next project/article thingy will be retrofitting an AT PSU into an ATX case, throwing all my water cooling gear into it and bolting it to my existing case. Do I hear "portable water-cooling, lannage, for use at"? Yes? I thought so. Obvious choice is the same case I've got now, the "it's okay, I guess" Codegen 6009. The radiator is 21cm (as you should all know from my review), but most importantly, it's 17cm from the "short bit" (the fan closest to the edge) to the end of the second fan. Which is exactly, funnily enough, the exact height of four drive bays. I think you can guess what's going to happen.

Ah, Blink182's Dammit. For some reason I get nostalgia of being at high-school from hearing this song. Go figure. Anyways, hop over to to see exactly why journalists shouldn't write about computers unless they know what they're doing. *sigh* And to think that guy got paid for writing it. Jai is apparently doing some sort of write up on this (if you want his domain, it's going for a cool half-mil, american style.), but don't expect it tomorrow. Ah, yes... linkage from HardAvenue and some place called HardExtreme... in Argen-fucking-tina. Both saying my CPU is a 550E at 1ghz, but what the hell. It could be, if they felt like sending me one.

230800(0930): Sitting here at half-nine on a Wednesday, eating a breakfast composed mostly of Apple-Cinnamon Pop-Tarts and expresso style coffee, trying to work out if it's my mouse's fault, or just RedHat being annoying (again), that my mouse won't work under Linux. So yeah, some sort of new rodent pointing device may be in order, preferably one with some PS2 type plugin thingy, at least four buttons, a wheel, and a ball (real mice have balls). And maybe some sort of self-heating function. They get bloody freezing if you leave them sitting over-night.

210800(1427): Bye bye, counter.

190800(1301): Urg... I've been so damn busy with Linux / Maths / C / VB / life / Deus Ex / etc lately that I haven't had time to update the site. New wallpaper or an article or something coming soon to keep you all happy. Now, please excuse me while I go and annoy Freeservers about deleting my logs.

130800(1804): Mmm... big drive.

100800(2200): There's been a bit of interest on IRC and other places for t-shirts featuring my patented, crackalicious GotMeth? design. Only problem is, Cafe Press don't do any colour for stuff except white, iron-on transfers suck, and getting a silk-screen made will cost $70. Money that I don't really have lying around (searches through pockets.). No. E-mail me if you're interested anyway, 'cos I might be able to get something together.

100800(2145): Deus Ex has been taking up a lot (yes, even more than what you're thinking) of time lately, and I haven't really got much to say. Oh, except for installing a new HDD, CDRom and Redhat6.2 on J's machine. I'm thinking of grabbing a 20gb drive tomorrow for Windoze98, and turning my current drive (6.4gb) over to the evil penguins of computing.

(That's Linux, and not some sort of crack-induced thought. Yes, really, J.)

060800(1403): New wallpaper.

060800(0159): Windows 98. The only thing that was stopping me from running Deus-Ex, which is pretty cool, btw. Expect some new wallpaper soon.

040800(2152): I bought Deus Ex today. It doesn't work. I'm SERIOUSLY FUCKING ANNOYED. Eidos ask you to "Please describe your problem as clearly and simply as possible:". I wrote: "I can't install the fucking game because of that error message."