"It's a Senfu!"
(Water cooling a Celeron, and why you should care)

Having waited for a week or so getting all sorts of photos ready and scanned, I decided that what I needed was a pump. After spending a whole 15 minutes at the Perth Edge auction, I decided to go to Aquarium City in Bayswater (next to the Meltham train station, funnily enough) to get said pump. Four days later I settled on one in a box marked "Hydroponics Pump, 600lph".

That's it there. Wow.

As soon as I had it home, I threw it in the sink to see what it could do with no tubing attached. With a label on the side saying "600lph @ 1m", I wanted to make damn sure it would pump that much. After all, there was the radiator and water-block to pump through.

The pump in the sink

Yep, that worked pretty good. I grabbed some hose clamps and set to work on cutting the flow down to a usable 6mm (from 15). So: 15mm hose on the pump, secured by a clamp. I then got the 10mm hose, stuck the 6mm hose inside it, and put the 10mm hose into the 15mm and clamped it together. After making sure there was no possibility of leakage, the next step was obviously to put it all together in the kitchen.

The Kitchen

Having run the water not only through the radiator, but also 1.5m of tubing to get to the block, and 1.5m back to the reservoir, I was quite satisfied with the flow going back into the reservoir. My fingers were fucking freezing when that photo got taken, I can tell you. I grabbed my slocket and CPU (the good old C366), removed the cable ties, removed the heatsinks, and wiped all the thermal paste off. Smeared paste all over the block and cpu, stuck them together and secured with one of the many clip thingies that Senfu gives you.

It was about the time that I was applying the stick on foam to the back of the slocket that the thought "this really is weird". I pushed it aside and stuck the slocket back in the computer, attached all the tubing, stuck waterproof tape on the radiator connections and cable tied everything together. Emptied the reservoir and poured in the four litres of distilled water I'd bought weeks earlier, etc. And it kinda looked like...


...but less blurry, of course. I used another double adapter to run the pump from my already heavily abused power board (2x PSU's, a 17" monitor, the modem and speakers), switched the AT PSU on to power up the fans, plugged the pump in, and switched on the PC.

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