Due to popular demand (happy now, J?) , I've decided to post some nice piccies of my new system. Sorry if they look crap, because I used a cheap disposable flash camera. And flash photography (or any sort of photography) doesn't come under my list of "mad skillz".

A shot of the side of the case, showing all cards and drives installed. Note the "square" IDE cables. PSU is 235w and near silent because of the temperature controlled fan. The passthrough cable at the back is for the Voodoo2. Four 5.25" bay and 3 and a bit 3.5" bays. A fair bit of room for expansion without cramping.
The front of the case. Top bay is open for the CD-ROM, and all the ones below it are concealed under a door. I'm sure it's practical for someone but it pisses me off because every time I move the case the door pops open and gets in the way. I just wish it would open in the other direction (i.e. not across my monitor).

The floppy slot is just a hole in the case where the actual drive sits up against the outer edge of the case. Requires careful positioning of the floppy drive to avoid disk jams which is another annoying thing. The blue/white colour scheme fits in nicely with my monitor, speakers, and modem.

Finally, a full shot of the computer. Mouse is a Microsoft Intellimouse with wheel, the keyboard is just a keyboard, and the can of Red-Bull is empty (and no longer full of refreshing, "liquid speed" drink).

And now for some specs:

  • AOpen AX63 Slot-1 motherboard
  • Codegen Superdeluxe 6009 ATX Midtower
  • Celeron 366 PPGA
  • "LG" Slot converter with support for FC-PGA
  • Eagle S3 ViRGE DX 4mb PCI video
  • Diamond Monster MX300 PCI sound card
  • 3DFX 12mb Voodoo2 1000 PCI 3D accelerator
  • Realtek ISA network card connected to an AcerHub 528
  • 64mb PC100 SDRAM
  • 40x LiteOn CD-ROM
  • IBM G74 17" digital monitor
  • "MSI-695" speakers
  • 6.4gb Fujitsu Harddrive
  • KTX 56k external modem

Some other interesting stuff:

  • Half a dozen "monitor lizards" perched on the monitor and speakers
  • Penny-Arcade "Matrix" wallpaper
  • Two "PCB mount" heatsinks cable-tied onto the CPU, soon to be replaced with an ORB HS. (You know, one of those pimp looking, round, gold ones?)
  • "Large U" heatsink on the S3 card
  • Two "Large U" heatsinks and a black anodised "CPU" heatsink on the Voodoo2. "Large U" heatsinks will be replaced with the "PCB mount" heatsinks when I get the ORB.
  • A copy of Rain and System Health Monitor installed. Avg. temp 25ºc @ ambient 20ºc. Idle temp in Win95 after power on 16-18ºc @ ambient 21ºc (nice...)