Music needed: Farewell to the crown, Banjo music, Japanese music, Electronic voice, Sweet Home Alabama, End Of The World (I FEEL FINE), 500 Miles, Asshole, King of the road, Walking on the sun.
Voiceovers: Various accents and noises.
Sound effects: Donkey (he-haw) or bleep, Pigs, Screwy.wav


(Music: Farewell To The Crown) V/O: Anarchy FM is the way to go in this political world we live in today. So these are eleven good reasons to listen to the sound of anarchy.

V/O: Pig farmer from the southern state of Arkansas.
(Music: banjo) Southern American: Since playing Anarchy FM in the yard, I find it easier making love. (Fading voice) Ciral, c'mm over here. (SFX: pig)

V/O: Japanese family man.
(Music: Japanese) Japanese man: Since my family has been listening to Anarchy FM, we have consumed 70% less sushi.

V/O: Sir David Attenborough.
(Music: End Of The World) DA: People listening to Anarchy FM while watching my documentaries have found them 3.5% more enjoyable.

V/O: Robert Bokucki. Desert man.
(Music: 500 Miles) Robert Bokucki: While walking in the desert for forty days, I listened to Anarchy FM on my Walkman while reading the holy bible. It was a very spiritual happening. (Fading out) Can I have some water now?

V/O: Stephen Hawking, smartest man alive.
Steven Hawking: Listening to Anarchy FM has boosted my IQ by over 30 points.

V/O: John Laws.
(Music: Asshole) John Laws: Since the inception of Anarchy FM, My audience has diminished by a whopping 30%. Damn you, damn you, damn you.

V/O: Forrest Gump.
(Music: Sweet Home Alabama) Forrest Gump: My mama always told me to listen to Anarchy FM

V/O: The Sandman
The Sandman: If you don't listen to Anarchy FM, you shit me

V/O: Your average New York cab driver.
(Music: King Of The Road) Cab driver: You talking to me. Huh. You talking to me? Well, you should be listening to Anarchy FM; I listen to them all the time.

V/O: Jimmy, our work experience student.
Jimmy: Since joining Anarchy FM, I have sold 25% more drugs man.

V/O: Gary, an Aussie Surfer.
(Music: Walking on the sun) Gary: Anarchy FM, it's like... inspirational man. Is that good enough?
Interviewer: Yeah mate, that's good enough.
Gary: Whoa... can I have my foil now?

V/O: Eleven good reasons to listen to us for value, entertainment and the sheer terror of it all. And if you don't like it, well find you and beat you to a bloody pulp. Anarchy FM, a good way of getting through an average night in East Timor during an independence vote.

(SFX: Screwy.wav)


Notes: Ricky is the V/O, Pig farmer, Japanese guy, Robert Bokucki, John Laws, The Sandman & Cab Driver. I'm Dave, Stephen Hawking, Forrest Gump and Gary. Jimmy is, of course, played by Brett. We recorded this in some spare time after doing the voices for Pizza. However, piecing it together was a bit of a rush job and it sounded a whole pile worse that Pizza, which is why I won't be posting it as an mp3.