What's .rant you ask? Well, after spending an hour writing a long rant about the computer industry in the "news" section, I decided that it would be better to stick all my rants from now on in their own separate section, and keep the news section for site updates only.

.rant is also a rip-off of iD Software's .plan, which they use for telling the public which bug ridden features they're putting in the next version of Q3:A. Maybe. I just made that up.

Be warned though, .rant is not for the easily shocked. If something in my day to day life annoys me, expect to hear about it in this section. There's a lot of swearing, and a lot of sarcasm, and even more cynicism. Parents, you probably won't want your kids reading it. Kids, tell all your friends about it.

Hopefully I'll be able to convince J, and some of my other friends to do their own .rant sections.

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