Well, if you're reading this, you're either a)bored b)actually interested in me or c)working for the CIA. Yeah. Anyway, this site is about me and the things I've done.

You can't have my real name, but you can have my old Q2 nick: ePoCh[4o4]. Nowdays I tend to go by EFOUR or just Epoch. I've got about four years experience with HTML, two years with Photoshop, three months with C++, and six or so months of basic JavaScript. Hmm... that's probably enough. I've also created websites for Computerman, Rouvray Gore, MDSITA, and IDT. You might also remember me as part of the two (and sometimes three) man Anarchy FM team (me, Ricky and sometimes, Brett). As part of the maniac duo (or trio), I wrote some radio and TV scripts, drank a lot of coffee, and took the piss out of a lot of famous people.

I started my first website in mid 1996 at the age of 14. At the time, most people didn't believe that a 14 year old could turn out a website like that, which was fine by me. I soon moved the site to Geocities, then XOOM, and finally to Freeservers, where it's been for about a year now. The first website was a standard sort of game cheats page, so was the second, and third. By early 1999, in the middle of an Interactive Media class that I really didn't like (try teaching a bunch of year 12 VAT students web-design by coding HTML from scratch. Stupid teachers.), EFOUR began to take place. I threw in a black background, some "liquid metal" style graphics I knocked up in Phototshop, it was used as a place to store my graphic design and HTML work (here and here for examples). EFOUR revision 2 happened a week or so after I bought Wip3out in early November.

Inspired by the Designer's Republic style (as I had been for quite a while), I set to work on a new look for EFOUR. A day or so later I had everything changed over to the new look and uploaded it. And here it is. I don't see revision 3 happening any time in the forseeable future because I don't have any ideas as to what It should look like. Besides, I quite like the "minimalist" revision 2 look.

Enough talk. Go back and check out the work section. If you're interested in contacting me with some work (or whatever), try my e-mail. I'm also sometimes on IRC (irc.iinet.net.au) in the channel #afp_gmi .